Someone On Nextdoor Wants to Borrow a Corgi for the Royal Wedding

Urgent alert!


I said I wasn’t going to descend into the lower sewers of click-trolling this time, but I lied to myself and to everyone. The royal wedding is (as we all know by now) this Saturday, and as ex-colonials besotted with the anachronistic adorability of a monarchy, Americans are transfixed by Harry and Meghan. It’s huge news — and not entirely a happy occasion, either, as the bride’s father suffered a heart attack and may not be able to attend.

But back here in San Francisco, the home of a well-attended Corgi Con that falls on June 16 this year, it’s gotten even more joyous. Someone on Nextdoor in S.F. wants to borrow your corgi for a couple of hours on Saturday evening to watch the wedding, promising “much admiration and care.”

As expected, the outpouring — at least on Twitter — was strongly positive.

One appears to be trained in the butlering arts.

It’s all the more touching considering that the queen recently had to say goodbye to Willow, the last of her beloved Pembroke Welsh corgis and a descendant of a dog named Susan who was given to Elizabeth II more than 70 years ago. The only issue with this request is that the wedding itself takes place at 7 a.m. California time, meaning the corgi-rental window falls 11 hours too late. So obviously, that means whoever put this out there wants to tape it, watch the wedding obsessively, and then re-create it down to the minutest detail with dogs.

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