Street Artist Eine Is Painting on City Walls as Part of S.F. Exhibition, “Greatest”

It's all legal now.

However you feel about the politics of British Prime Minister David Cameron, the man apparently has amazing taste in art. On his first official visit to Washington in July, he presented President Obama a painting by London street artist Ben Flynn, aka Eine. The piece, called “Twenty First Century City,” has the words of the title painted in a variety of bright colors against a simple black background and demonstrates Eine's interest in Victorian typography and in the alphabet itself. Originally a graffiti artist — he has a gallery on his website called “vandalism” — Eine has had a richly varied career over the past 25 years. He worked with Banksy on that artist's controversial Palestinian Wall project, and he has painted his own bold freehand letters on shutters and walls all over the world. Now San Francisco gets to experience his work firsthand with his solo show “Greatest,” which opens Saturday at White Walls gallery.

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