T-Shirts Made to Fit From Pickwick & Weller

At a time when enterprise millionaires are wearing holey jeans instead of French cuff shirts, the idea of the working professional t-shirt makes sense. Pickwick & Weller was founded by three men with a shared frustration for how, despite the clothing's ubiquity in their industries, no one had really managed to make a t-shirt that was both comfortable, and congruous with the casual aesthetics of a Bay Area startup. For the moment, forget that one of those three men is famous t-shirt-wearer and startup investor Ashton Kutcher and focus on how they've made a $30 shirt that's better than anything you could buy for three figures in a Post Street boutique.

Ryan Donahue, one of the three founders and a veteran San Francisco graphic designer whose former employers include a nascent PayPal, thought of the t-shirt as a personal essential that should be made with the same precision as any other daily staple. “I think about what I use everyday,” he says. “My laptop, my iPhone, jeans, and I wear a t-shirt everyday.”

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