“Techies Kill Queers” vs. “Making America Gay Again”

That's some rather rude sidewalk art, hmmm? But Oasis' new billboard balanced it out.


A chunk of sidewalk on 24th Street an ugly message in hot-pink spray paint at the moment. A long thread on Reddit about “Techies Kill Queers” did not disclose the address, but an Instagram hashtag search revealed that it’s near Philz Coffee in the Mission. Reached by phone this afternoon, a Philz barista said it was across the street and “down the block, near Wise Sons.”

However, comparing the Instagram and Reddit pics, it’s clear that they’re two separate stencil pieces. So perhaps there are even more of these things around town. If you spot one, kindly let us know.

Stylistically, it looks like the work of Gay Shame — except with the opposite message. Gay Shame are the anti-capitalist provocateurs who stencil “Queers Hate Techies” around town and who have been particularly vocal about the Monster in the Mission project. Several members also shouted down openly gay state Sen. Scott Wiener with a chorus of “Queers Kill Techies” at a housing forum earlier this summer, so this might be a response to that.

You can be queer and work in the tech industry, of course. But whether you like or loathe Gay Shame’s approach, the group’s engagement with the issues is undeniably thorough. SF Weekly reached out to Gay Shame to see if they were aware that someone was co-opting their style, and we will update if we learn new information.

Meanwhile, across town in SoMa, David and Helton Jeff Kaluzny have given Oasis‘ rooftop a new billboard with drag queens D’Arcy Drollinger and Heklina spray-painting over one of the president’s campaign slogans.

(D’Arcy Drollinger)

A commenter noted that the building that now houses the S.F. LGBT Center had a similar guerrilla job circa 1978. So, as we roll into Folsom weekend, it looks like S.F.’s LGBT-related public art scene pretty active, even if the messages kinda cancel out.

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