The Most Racist, Sexist Halloween Costumes

It’s 2017. Why are these sexist, racist, and obviously offensive costumes still being sold in SF Halloween stores?

Joe Kukura, SF Weekly

Halloween means costumes, and costumes mean advertent racism, institutional sexism, and cultural appropriation so bad that even the #AllLivesMatter crowd would say it’s gone a little too far. SF Weekly hit the Halloween pop-up costume shops to determine what are the worst, most tone-deaf,  derogatory costumes that are indeed currently on sale on San Francisco shelves.

If you have to ask yourself, “Should I buy this product that has the word ‘Pimp’ in it’s name?,” then your answer to that question should probably be no.

This cavewoman outfit is called “Goin’ Clubbin’.” See, “Clubbin’” is a reference to the caveman club accessory that comes with the heteronormative male version of the costume. He hits her with the club! Clubbin’! Get it? Hilarious, right?

Jesus Christ. Our species does not does not deserve Halloween.

It’s probably a symptom of living in Donald Trump’s America that no insult to the Latino population is any longer considered to be out of bounds. I remember a day when mass-market costumes would have at least tried to fig-leaf this ethnic stereotyping by calling it “Border Man” or “Poncho Man.” These days we don’t even hide it.

The store at which this costume was photographed had Latino employees on duty. My heart genuinely breaks for all the times to have to walk past this.

The “Sexy [Insert Descriptor Here] Costume” has been a completely spent idea for the better part of a decade. Can no one do anything thought-provoking with this gag? How ‘bout “Sexy Ed Lee”? “Sexy Helen Mirren”? “Sexy Noam Chomsky”?

But “Sexy People Massacred by Genocide” would not be recommended.


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