The Rant of Rants: Chicken's (and America's) Cup Runneth Over

I blame the liberal media…

People, are you hip to the Amercia's Cup thing? C'mon! In 2013 SF is going to be chock full of Billionaire yacht snobs and we need to organize. Here's the plan: we all join the Berkeley Sailing Club. It's $300 A YEAR! You get to sail any and all of their boats. No additional costs. Nor for lessons. It's all included!!!! So. We all have 2 years to become expert seamen. We learn to tie all the knots and get our sea legs. Then we get a bunch of these made in China:

They'll sell like Hot Cakes! We're gonna make BANKSY!!!! We'll take the money and buy back the India Basin Fucking Marina that Joe Cassidy STOLE from San Francisco.

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