The SPCA Parties Down, Pet Adoption Rates Go Up

Duffy <3

On Friday the San Francisco SPCA threw a party for the ages, a ramen-fueled hootenanny resulting in the adoption of 25 of their animals.

As an avid supporter of the organization (and the rescuing of animals in general), I decided to stop by to see what kind of shindig the SPCA could host. It turns out a pretty awesome one, considering they sold out of their tickets and ended up with a line almost around the corner when I arrived an hour after their doors were open.

The City’s most popular ramen-themed food trucks attracted lines of their own, as did the beverage services. Like the event tickets, drinks were technically free, though donating money was encouraged. To my surprise and delight, the bartenders assured me that people were giving well above the suggested donation of $5, with whole $20 bills lining the contribution boxes.


I wound my way through the crowds and kitties to find the pop up tattoo parlor set up in the veterinary center. Generous tattooers from Mom’s Body Shop donated their time and talent by inking partygoers with flash designs for $50, all of which went to the SPCA. I resisted the urge to join in on the fun, but only because now is not a convenient time to have my mother kill me.

Lowering inhibitions is a great way to get animals adopted, as exemplified by the full-to-the-brim animal viewing areas. Every kitty was getting a cuddle, and all the dogs were sharing the spotlight, although no animal seemed particularly over-stimulated. Most of the attendees I spoke with informed me that they came to the event in order to scope out the adoption possibilities, excited about chance to bring home a new best friend for a cool $0.

Pets and people weren’t the only matches being made. I witnessed the exchange of numbers between two heavily blushing men, both of them giggling in excitement at having met each other. Duffy the nine-month-old German shepherd stole the show and almost my heart, but I neglected to bring my own SPCA rescue, meaning they wouldn’t be able to meet to see if cohabitation made sense.

Even the guests who were just along for the ride had a seemingly great time, shaking their booties to the DJ’s music and generally reveling in the kind of charged atmosphere that only access to a room full of kittens can create. The event was as much party as it was adoption facilitation, and it was cool to see so many people having fun while supporting the rescue of pets.

Adopt, don’t shop, and you’ll get to attend kickass parties as a result.

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