There Is Only One Election Tomorrow, and the Democrat Is Named Linda Belcher

Sadly, it's not the mom from Bob's Burgers, although "I'm Linda. I love showers and mornings and bologna and turtles — and wine!" would make a great bumper sticker.

(Bob’s Burgers)

UPDATE: Linda Belcher has won!

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who likes to barnstorm across the country encouraging young people to vote, has drawn a 2018 opponent less than half the senator’s age (76). Organic vegetable farmer Brad Peacock, 37, agrees with Sanders on virtually everything, but he believes legislators should serve no more than two terms. 

But he’s not Brad Peacock, pitcher for the Houston Astros.

Meanwhile, there is only one special election of any note in the entire country tomorrow, Feb. 20, and it’s in Kentucky State House District 49, near Louisville. A Democrat with the magnificent name of Linda Belcher is trying to win back a seat she held until losing to Dan Johnson by a razor-thin 51-49 in 2016. Things got a little dark after that, as Johnson faced accusations of racism and sexually molesting an underage girl while drunk. He took his own life in December.

Johnson’s widow Rebecca is Belcher’s opponent, and she’s been campaigning largely based on her husband’s suicide note, which referred to the allegations against him as a “high-tech lynching.” According to, Rebecca Johnson is also pro-Confederate and a crusader for making the sale of a computer illegal in Kentucky without a pornography blocker installed.

Kentucky is a historically Democratic state, but Republicans have made huge inroads in recent decades. The governor is Matt Bevin, who’s been trying to close Kentucky’s sole abortion clinic and who blamed the Parkland school shooting on video games. The Senators are Republican Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, the former of whom stole a Supreme Court seat then named it as an achievement on Pres. Trump’s part, and the latter of whom got beat up by his neighbor.

In that context, wouldn’t it be nice to elect someone with the same name as a common-sense animated mom? Sadly, the IRL Linda Belcher displays almost no awareness of her cartoon name twin. But the Linda Belcher who’s married to Bob on Bob’s Burgers dispenses such homespun wisdom as “No boys, no parties, no summoning spirits” and “When I die, I want you to cremate me and throw the ashes in Tom Selleck’s face” sounds hip on #MeToo and the gun crisis in America. (Selleck is a well-known NRA board member.) The Kentucky Democratic Party has gone all in on winning back this seat. And why not? Don’t we all dream about meeting Tyra Banks, again and again? And don’t we all use our daughter’s science-project volcano as a wine coozie?

Relatedly, the guy who voices the character Linda Belcher is named John Roberts, which is also the name of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 

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