This Is What It Is: A Welcome

This is the kind of random crap we love.

Hi.This is The Exhibitionist. We're going to show off San Francisco arts and culture, with this new blog whose title also means “some crazy idiot running around with no clothes on.” It's like a metaphor. We'll cover traditional gallery art and high-culture opera-type stuff, sure, but also a wide, wide range of anything else that could possibly qualify as either art or culture. We've netted some popular local butterflies to contribute regular posts about comedy, fashion, bicycles, drag, the literary scene, and more – hopefully up to and including feminist skateboarding. And when the worlds of art, culture, and music intersect, we'll include the music part too. 

We'll post previews of things we think you should know about, reviews of things you should have seen, plus nearly anything else we want, which will probably be along the lines of “Someone saw John Waters in a restaurant in the Castro!” or

“Here's a photo where someone glued human hair on a bus stop poster of a horrible, horrible movie!” You know. Blog stuff.

We're excited about it. We'll show you ours if you show us yours, which you can do at

You can also follow us on Twitter at @ExhibitionistSF
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