This Weekend, Learn How to Throw an Axe (For Free!)

I mean, you know you really want to learn how to throw an axe, don't you? So let Bad Axe Throwing show you how to throw an axe already.

Bad Axe Throwing San Francisco

In American Beauty, Peter Gallagher’s character tells Annette Bening’s uptight realtor character that, to relax, he fires a gun. (Then they have a torrid love affair.) Well, guns are even more controversial in mid-2010s America than they were in the late-’90s, and we don’t recommend shooting anybody to work out the tension between your shoulder blades.

Put the “ax” in relax, instead.

This weekend (Friday-Sunday, July 7-9) Bad Axe Throwing San Francisco will host free lessons in the art of hurling dangerous weapons at stuff. Head to 30 Hill St. in Daly City — where you enter through Silver Dragon Kung Fu — to get your demonstration in axe-throwing. Actual coaches will help you with your technique, in case you need to ward off medieval gryphons or Lizzie Borden comes at you and you want to fight fire with fire.

It’s a legit enterprise, that’s been featured on CNN, ABC, BuzzFeed, The Chicago Tribune, Fox News, ABC, NBC and elsewhere. RSVP or drop in, and you will learn how to harvest timber with a flourish! 

If you’re a lumberjack or a faux-lumberjack or a lumber-jill or whatever, this is the class for you.

Bad Axe Throwing San Francisco‘s free axe-throwing demo, Friday, July 7, 6-11 p.m.; Saturday, July 8, 2-11 p.m.; Sunday, July 9, 2-8 p.m., at 30 Hill St., Daly City. Free;

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