Try These Facebook Tips to Impress (or Anger) Your Friends

I recently fell victim to the Facebook scam that promised to tell me what my first status update was. It was most certainly not, “I hate homework hehe.” Then it spammed all my friends. But I wanna know still! Does Facebook have the capacity to tell me what my old statuses were? Aside from painstakingly scrolling back through the years, that is.

~Want Statuses Stat

I tried that once. I got to about January 2011 before I got fed up and quit scrolling. Luckily for both of us, there is a non-spammy app you can sync with Facebook to find out stats about your statuses. It is creatively called Status Statistics, and it can tell you things like how often you post, what words you used most often, as well as a search function that allows you to see how you really felt about homework in 2007 or equivalent. It's fairly limited as an app, but I did learn that my most popular status was: “I feel cheated out of the glorious power that is DENYING a Facebook friend request now that my only option is 'not now.' Not now? You have a headache, Facebook?” And that my most used “word” was http, followed closely by I'm. Riveting, yeah?

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