Two S.F. Drag Queens Sell Bernal Heights Home With Hilarious Video

It may not be Welcome to My Home, the funniest thing in the history of the internet, but local drag queens Mercedes Munro and Katya Smirnoff-Skyy have put together a hilarious, seven-minute video welcoming you into a home that is decidedly not their own.

It’s certainly an innovative way to show a house, 52 Mirabel Avenue in Bernal Heights, to potential buyers. Realtors Danielle Lazier and Michael Minson thought it would be a fine way to attract attention to the rather fabulous digs — even if Smirnoff-Skyy’s wig looks like Bonnie Raitt sat for hours under a dryer at a salon in Stepford, Conn.

The glamorous duo preen and fawn over the Downtown view from which “you can feel like Eva Peron!” and the kitchen whose countertops contain “naturally occurring garnets” that make Smirnoff-Skyy exclaim about making coq au vin on the five-burner range in spite her inability to cook. Meanwhile, Munro waxes poetic about the master bath while laying in the tub.

(At one point, you can hear the cameraman audibly chuckling.)

The two-minute blooper reel, which shows Smirnoff-Skyy almost shutting the door on her butt, and (almost) not breaking character even when she slips up, is also worth a watch.

You’ve never seen someone coo over “crown molding in every room” with such crazy-eyed vivacity, nor bemoan her lost youth over a 150-year-old heritage pear tree. Give it a look even if you can’t afford the $1.998 million asking price.

[Via Bernalwood]

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