Walking Distance Dance Festival Returns to ODC

Photo of Lionel Popkin by John Altdorfer

In the information age, appropriation and recombination are the requisite modes for processing and creating experience. We are interracial and multicultural, we are the product of every moment that has ticked by, marked or unmarked by the hands and eyes of all the bodies that have walked before us, we labor under the burden of past inventions buoyed up by technologies that indicate our collective acquisition of knowledge, though individually we stagger along dimly searching for a means or vision of something new. The body is the same body, limbed and bipedal, ravaged by conveniences, re-engineered by Pilates and yoga.

The annual Walking Distance Dance Festival, May 30-31 at ODC Theater and Dance Commons, is an occasion to reconsider the state of contemporary dance, its innovations on and in the art of the moving body. Featuring three programs that each feature two contemporary dance companies, local as well as touring from Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York, the event promises thoughtful juxtapositions of work that reflect the miscellany of early 21st century American dance.


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