Why You Should Fake It on Facebook

but not you

I went out on a first date with a girl who is also a recently added Facebook friend. During dinner she kept bringing up things I had already read about on FB, but I lied and pretended like I didn't know because that's creepy, right? At what point am I allowed to admit I FB stalk her? A month? Longer? 

You were right to pretend like her life rituals were a mystery, especially on a first date. Admitting that you know a few tidbits is fine, especially if it's at the very top of her timeline. Smaller ticket items, like a song she played on Spotify, or how she “seriously loves grapefruit juice!!!” are acceptable conversational lead-ins. Particularly the one about the grapefruit juice. It's so spunky! Like there's a party in my mouth but not many people are invited because the sour gives me vacuum face! 
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