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Seth Fischer

Seth Fischer reminds us of Neo-Benshi. Unpacking the previous sentence: Seth Fischer is a writer and editor over at the Rumpus. Benshi were a class of Japanese artists in the early 20th century who would creatively narrate silent films. You'd have a darkened theater, a charismatic guy who'd maybe never seen the movie before, and he's telling his version of whatever he thinks is going on. (You're thinking Mystery Science Theater 3000, you fucking nerd. And you're not far off.) He'd do foley, or sing, or whatever; it was his show. Or her show, there were lady benshi. Neo-Benshi is the updated, high-tech/low-tech, nothing-is-safe version of that old art form; anyone talks over anything, film soundtracks fade in and out, people do remixes. There's a website, obviously, but we didn't get permission to use it yet. And back to Seth: Webscribble. Looks like this, this is Seth's scribble of the goog + Sappho:

Seth wants you, he wants your webscribble.

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