You're Gonna Cry: How the Dot-Com Boom Busted the Mission District

Paul Flores in You're Gonna Cry

“San Francisco ain't what it used to be … and it never was.” That's most commonly attributed to the late Herb Caen, the legendary “three-dot columnist” for the SF Chron. While we certainly get Caen's point, we also know he died before the dot-com boom really had its way with San Francisco. With jaw-dropping rapidity, “undiscovered” and “affordable” turned into “the Next Big Thing” and “you've got to be kidding.” We'll never forget walking into places we'd frequented for 15 years that were suddenly overrun with overpaid nubile transplants who wondered what we were doing in their neighborhoods. That was followed by the real estate bubble, which kept the city a big game of Monopoly long after the venture capitalists had pulled the plug on the likes of Webvan. No S.F. locale took it harder than the Mission.

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