After This Weekend, Shirohige Ramen-Ya Taking Time Off to Retool

Owner Jackson Scarlett plans to spend the next month avoiding Yelp.

This weekend might be your last chance for a while to sample noodles from Shirohige, the taco truck that's been slinging ramen from a Hayes Valley parking lot most weekends. Owner Jackson Scarlett said the truck will be in its usual spot at Hayes and Laguna again this weekend,11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 5-9:30 p.m.. Sat.-Sun., with Friday's hours TBD. After that, Scarlett will be scouting his own truck (he's been borrowing one from a friend who caters) and searching for a permanent location. The current lot is reportedly being turned over to Hayes & Kebab, which has purchased the vacant building next door.

In response to the not-so-subtle jab by 7×7's Bits + Bites, Jackson said his recipes are constantly improving. He's changed the pork from a leaner loin cut to a nicely marbled shoulder from his favorite butcher shop near his home in the Richmond. He's also made the miso flavor a little stronger and has adjusted the amount of salt in the broth to allow its nuances to come through.

Look out for a new side, tsukemono, which Shirohige will offer in addition to kimchi. New Japanese beverages will also be on offer: Kona iced coffee and green tea from Ucc and Ramune. The latter tastes sort of like Sprite, and comes in a rad little bottle you need to open by pushing a marble through the cap.

In the meantime, Scarlett said he'll be tooling around town, compulsively eating ramen and trying to avoid reading Shirohige's Yelp reviews.

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