Bizarre Japanese Potato Chip Commercial. Nuf Said.

This Japanese “Consommé Punch” potato chip commercial features a sad school boy and a scary-in-a-David-Lynch-sort-of-way dog. Thankfully a commenter at Serious Eats offers a thorough analysis:

“The little boy got 0 on a test and is depressed. The dog tries to cheer him up by holding up obscure cultural reference signs. The first one says '7:3 split'. The second says 'Vice-Principal'.

Next the dog dresses up as a farmer (not necessarily a granny) and does a “dojo-sukui” motion (scooping loaches, which are sort of like freshwater eel with whiskers). Dojo-sukui wearing a funny conical mask thing is a Japanese Comedy Touchstone.

When that fails, the dog takes the boy to the store where they get a bag of Kalbee Consommé Punch potato chips. It's not supposed to make any sense.”

(via seriouseats)

— Brian Bernbaum

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