Breaking: There Is Something Chef Chris Cosentino Won't Eat

Balut: First-timers might want to keep their eyes closed.

Balut is a Philippine delicacy, a dish clearly not for the faint of heart, Southeast Asians excluded. It's a fertilized duck or chicken egg containing an embryo … boiled alive! (Bwah ha ha ha). Cosentino, well-known for his fanatical love of offal and organ meats, has finally met his match it seems. His tiny, pink, embryonic match:

“As hard as I tried I couldn’t get it down, and I can eat almost anything thrown my way … The crunch of the bones and the tickle of the feathers are hard to get used to.I know this is a common dish in many countries but for me it was way over the line.”

(via Eater SF/pic courtesy offalgood)

— Brian Bernbaum

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