Cooking Squirrels Good: Uncle Russ Chittenden's Varmint Cookbook

My unrelenting fascination with wild game and Ted Nugent has led to its own logical conclusion: “Good Ole Boys Wildgame: How to Cook Possum and Other Varmints Good” by Uncle Russ Chittenden. Commenter Martin, of Cumbria, England, says the book has found a whole new audience in the UK, where gray squirrels better watch their asses lest they become dinner.

Amid the squirrel invasion — red squirrels being driven out by marauding gray squirrels — locals are being encouraged to “dispatch” the grays, hence the need for squirrel recipes. That's where Uncle Russ comes in, with recipes for Squirrel Fricassee and Fried Squirrel Cakes, among others. If there's a lesson to be learned from all of this, here it is: One man's pesky varmint is another man's fricassee (probably a Southern man, but maybe a British man too).

— Brian Bernbaum

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