Cop a Preview of Nombe's Mod Izakaya Dishes at Mission Street Food

Might be worth putting up with this.

Within weeks, Nombe, a joint venture of O Izakaya's Nick Balla (along with Mari Takahashi and Gil Payne of Sozai) promises to bring a blend of traditional and contemporary izakaya food — Japanese tapas-like dishes that go well with drinks — to the vacated Tacos Santana space on Mission at 21st Street. Tonight, Balla is previewing the Nombe menu at Mission Street Food, and from the looks of it, braving the daunting line wouldn't be a bad idea. We already have our unreasonably hefty order planned out: Fuyu persimmon with bitter greens and grated wasabi ($6); the fusion-y Mission Motzu, or tripe, heart, liver, and short ribs in a soy-based broth with chiles, cabbage, garlic chives, and avocado ($8); rib eye with nagaimo, spinach, and whole-grain mustard ($9); and, for dessert, the wonderfully esoteric crab fritters with edamame purée, pickled hon shiallameji mushrooms, and nori “soil” on flatbread ($10). What's just as wonderful is that a healthy portion of the proceeds go to free restaurant Martin de Porres House of Hospitality.

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