Deep Fried Pizza, The Fool's Gold Loaf And Other Tales Of Terrible, Beautiful Food

Since I know everyone is absolutely bursting at the seams after gorging themselves to no end yesterday, I thought it might be a good day to take a look at some 'Extreme Eats.' Thanks to the folks over at Forbes Magazine for the coronary-inducing slideshow featuring some of the most over the top foodstuffs this side of the Testicle Festival.

Among my personal favorites: The Fool's Gold Loaf (made famous by Elvis Presley) consists of a full jar each of grape jelly and peanut butter, a pound of bacon and a hollowed out loaf of bread, buttered and baked. Also, how can I ignore the Philly Taco? It's a taco and a cheesesteak wrapped up inside a giant slice of cheese pizza. Kill me now, with happiness. (via The Grinder)

— Brian Bernbaum

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