Dianne Jacob Teaches Writers How to Translate a Love of Food Into Words

Dianne Jacob updated her seminal book

Food writing isn't an easy pursuit: it's unsteady, rarely pays well, and as scores of new food bloggers find, it's competitive and growing more so.

But that hasn't stopped people from chasing their gustatory and literary dreams by writing about food in a myriad of media — cookbooks, reviews, blogs, food memoirs, and more. And Bay Area food-writing doyenne Dianne Jacobs is here to help.

Jacobs published an all-encompassing guide, Will Write for Food, in 2005 and put out a revised edition — now with blog advice! — last year. Hands-on guidance, though, still is one of her most popular pursuits, and she's offering her annual class through Book Passage again this year, “probably for at least the sixth year now,” she says.

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