Feeding Those Heads
“You've got to give stoners a warning. If you space off and leave the hot oil bath going while you're smoking out, it can catch fire. Be careful.” The moral of the story: “Don't cook and smoke pot.” That invaluable advice comes from Tom “Fried Rice,” creator of the Fatty Egg Rolls, one of 65 recipes found in Cooking With the Dead, a new cookbook that bills itself as “a culinary journey into the psychedelic world of America's most enduring band.” The author, Elizabeth Zippern, is a 1993 graduate of Rutgers University who, according to the book jacket, “has spent close to five years touring with the Dead,” leading one to wonder about the nature of her degree. Other recipes include Psychedelic Fruit Bobs (which call for equal parts grain alcohol, rum and vodka), Karma Corn, Apple Space Cakes, High Thai and Earth-Kind Dog Food. The text for the last recipe informs us that its creators, Paul and Mari, and their dogs, Copernicus and Dante, “share the same lifestyle.” The book, published by St. Martin's, is worth its $8 price tag, if only for the photos of the cooks, many of whom look as if they've been nibbling on that psychedelic fruit.

Better Than a Massage
According to a survey conducted by Westin Hotels and Resorts (owners of the St. Francis), consumers of red wine have switched to merlot. “Today's stressful lifestyle calls for the rich, yet soothing bouquet of merlot to enhance even the most discerning of wine connoisseurs' palates,” according to Westin V.P. Kurt Fischer. What does this mean? That the complexity of cabernet causes anxiety?

No Rest for the Wicked
Diners at Carlo Middione's new Vivande Ristorante in Opera Plaza shouldn't be surprised if their dinner companions return from the restroom thinking about more than dessert. The walls of the women's toilettes are adorned with depictions of classical figures coupling, in a variety of poses. The men's room, Dish hears, is even more explicit. Questioned about the intent, the bartender said the design was inspired by the ruins at Pompeii. The junior high set will go wild.

Music You Can Taste
The seventh annual New Orleans by the Bay concerts at Shoreline are set for June 16-18. And while the musical headliners sound impressive — the Reverend Al Green, Taj Mahal, the Five Blind Boys From Alabama and Buckwheat Zydeco — the jambalaya, fried alligator, shrimp creole and crab cakes might steal center stage. New Orleans' Cafe du Monde will provide cafe au lait and beignets, and top chef Greg Sonnier will bring the roadie version of his New Orleans restaurant, Gabrielle.

By Barbara Lane

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