Eat Here: Thai IDEA Vegetarian Dishes Superior Thai Tastiness

Massaman Curry from heaven.

Thai IDEA Vegetarian is a brand-new restaurant on Polk. It's adorably tiny, and feels really new and clean. Which it is. Which is nice, considering you'll most likely have to step over a paramedic resuscitating someone's grandma or Nick Nolte's twin eating a pigeon to get inside. We kid — Tenderloin jokes are the worst!

Anyway, Thai IDEA is cute and shiny, basically what a living room in a Thai Ikea might look like. The bathroom is especially worth a trip, if you're a connoisseur. But we're here to talk about the food, so let's do this!

Everything on Thai IDEA's dinner menu looked amazing to me and my lovely dining companion, so it was hard to narrow it down. The first dish we decided on was the Firecracker Balls ($8.95), which are veggie ahi tuna roll pieces, panko-crusted, and then deep-fried.

The combination of the name and the words “deep fried” sold us. Crunching through the perfect fry, a burst of tangy creaminess delighted us. The spicy chile sauce that adorned the balls kicked the dish to the next level. With that, we will now stop typing the word “balls” and just say that it was a true flavor explosion!

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