Eat Some Concrete at the Velvet Scoop in the Mission

The Giant's Bonanza (chocolate frozen custard

Considering how much coffee there is in this city, there should always be room for more ice cream and related frozen treats. The Velvet Scoop, in the very center of the Mission, is a new “dessert restaurant” serving chocolate and vanilla frozen custard with a variety of toppings, nearly all of them known to the average six-year-old.

[jump] Since IPA ice cream and basil sorbet, delicious though they may be, aren’t exactly the kid-friendliest things in the world, this is probably a relief to a lot of parents in the neighborhood, as well as anybody who can’t make up their mind. “Concrete,” as the Velvet Scoop refers to its blended custard concoctions, is a cute alternative to the highfalutin artisanal stuff. Not to knock artisanal stuff, but sometimes you just want gummy bears.

You can build your own sundae, or stick to one of specialties, such as the Cookie Delight (vanilla frozen custard, crushed Oreos and cookie dough) or the Southern Wonder (vanilla, caramel, pralines and pecans). Every day of the week has its own Concrete special, too; Thursday’s comes with Fruit Loops and Friday’s involves horchata.

It’s a small shop, with every wall painted a different color, and limited seating. But that flecked countertop — who knew composite materials could be so happy? They might want to ditch the plastic and switch to compostable cups, considering that’s the wave of the future and all. Otherwise, it’s pretty A+ all-around.

Is the Velvet Scoop going to displace Bi-Rite or Mitchell’s or Humphry Slocombe? No, but it’s open until 11 p.m., and the lines are short (for now). The sweet spot between ice cream and soft-serve that frozen custard hits is a very happy medium.

The Velvet Scoop, 3280 22nd St., 757-0735.

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