Eat This: ABV's Falafel Lamb Dog

If the Middle East made a corn dog.

ABV has garnered some positive attention lately from the press. Whether it’s for the  bar's “impressive burger” from The Chronicle’s Jon Bonne or its “unusual” and unique cocktails from our very own Pete Kane, things are looking good for the Mission newcomer. But it is the addictive falafel lamb dogs that have gained my attention and quickly become a weekly craving.

[jump] ABV recreates the American corn dog with the Middle East in mind. In place of a hot dog is a juicy merguez sausage, and instead of a sweet cornmeal-based batter is a spicy chickpea batter. Ketchup and mustard are replaced with a cold condiment of tzatziki sauce. One almost needn’t taste the dish to understand how the flavors and components work synchronously: the fluffy falafel-flavored batter hugs the piping hot, spicy merguez, which is skewered for ease-of-dip into the cup of cucumber/yogurt sauce that cools things down, both taste- and temperature-wise. It’s kind of brilliant.

As impressive as the dish’s concept is the DIY of it all. From grinding down lamb shoulder for the merguez, to making its own yogurt from scratch with Straus milk for the tzatziki, ABV does it all in-house and does it delicious.

The one downside to the dish: after devouring you’ll wish every corn dog was a falafel lamb dog. 

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