Exploding Hummus, Blue Coconut Milk And Other Tales Of Questionable Food

We've all been there: the questionable salad dressing, the leftover, room-temperature pork, the scary tuna sandwich. Should you eat it? Probably not, but for all the close calls, fortunately there's a place to go online for answers — and if not answers, then at least a lot of passionate opinions. Thankfully, Macbebekin rounded up all the most hilarious and misguided 'Am I gunna die if I eat this?' questions posed on Ask Metafilter, here and here.

Highlights as follows:

  • Why did my hummus explode?

  • What are those cobwebs I find sometimes in walnuts?

  • Can I eat a live wasp?

  • But hey, this is expensive crab meat.

  • I have an 8.45 ounce bottle of Sam Adams Triple Bock, ca. 1994 … Safe to drink?

  • I used half a can of organic, light coconut milk … two weeks later I unearthed it … and it was blue. Vibrant, eye-stinging, cobalt blue … But why?

    (via Serious Eats)

    Moldy nectarines by Roger McLassus on Wikimedia

    — Brian Bernbaum

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