Far Tastier Than it Sounds: The Dogpatch Ice Cream Social

Last week, we wrote about Recchiuti's new whoopie pies and talked about a secret ice cream social we heard might be happening. Sweets wizard Michael Recchiuti was quick to correct the notion that last Wednesday's spontaneous sale of homemade ice cream (burnt caramel, McEvoy olive oil) and sorbet (apricot-lime) was nothing more than “ice cream on a loading dock,” which may happen again throughout the summer. (SFoodie was there and, whatever he wants to call it, it was fabulous.)

However, team Recchiuti has just announced the real party: The Dogpatch Ice Cream Social, a benefit for Bay Area youth org Spark. Planned treats include bars for sundaes and bonbons, and Wonka-style fizzy lifting ice cream drinks. But it's certainly Recchiuti's style to reserve some of the most show-stopping surprises for the day of the event, which is Saturday, August 22, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Recchiuti factory (address provided with online reservation; tickets are limited). There's a family pass (two adults and three kids aged 16 and younger) for $150, and individual tickets are $25 for children and $55 for adults.

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