Five Fun Food Facts for Friday

From a beer pipeline in Germany to a peach shortage in Georgia.

Wacken festival workers laying pipes for beer. (DPA)

The world is awash in cheap chocolate, but maybe not for much longer.

According to Bloomberg, cocoa futures are up sharply after poor conditions in West Africa spooked investors. Looks like I’ll be back to shoplifting Cadbury Creme Eggs just to feel alive!

The Southeast will have a terrible peach crop this year.

Owing to what The New York Times calls a “one-two punch” from a mild winter followed by a spring freeze, Georgia and other southeastern states where peach desserts are integral to the local cuisine will have a lousy peach harvest this year. Also, California produces half the nation’s peaches.

@OfficialRCCola got suspended from Twitter after a thread resulting from this.

Germany built a beer pipeline for a heavy-metal festival.

The Wacken Beer Festival expects to draw 75,000 metal fans this August, and organizers anticipate needing 400,000 liters of beer, so they built a pipeline capable of delivering six liters per second. Please nobody tell the actor who played gluttonous the Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He’s a big Sepultura fan and he really hit the bottle after his career hit the skids.

Magic mushrooms are the safest drug.

In terms of the number of times consuming a particular drug sent people to the hospital, psilocybin appears to be the safest by far. Reporting on the Global Drug Survey, The Guardian notes that only 0.2 percent of mushroom trips were so bad that people sought medical attention. Perhaps more surprising, even bad trips can have positive outcomes in the end. (Hey, every bad decision that feels like a total catastrophe at the time eventually becomes a funny anecdote, right?)

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