Food is Foreplay at Our Gourmet Life Erotic Dinners

Dinner parties can be a stuffy affair, particular when none of the guests know anyone beyond the person with whom they came.

As we all know, a good way to break the ice is to have servers gently caress diners, encouraging them to delicately spoon-feed their partners an array of culinary treats, which is exactly the concept behind Our Gourmet Life Erotic Dinners.

Intrigued by their promise of “statuesque men and women wearing enticing black masks — and little else — serving you exquisite French cuisine,” I dropped the $125 necessary to attend the introductory version of this purportedly lavish dinner party (it’s $175 if you get the wine pairing). The site says singles — 18 and over, please — are welcome, but it’s more tantalizing to bring a partner, so I dragged my fiancé along, sparing him the details to make it easier for him to step outside his comfort zone.

This is San Francisco — there’s no room for judgments — so open your mind and listen up, because this was actually one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in a long time, for a number of reasons.

We were greeted at a secret location in SoMa — there are parts of this neighborhood that don’t belong to the world of tech, so I’ll let you guess exactly which part of town this was in — by a masked man in formal serving clothes. Couple by couple we were led upstairs to a private residence in our sexy and formal attire, which we had been encouraged to wear.

Red lights flooded the expansive kitchen/living room, immediately establishing the sensual nature of the evening. The group of black-masked, male and female servers, as promised, also made it clear that what the website guarantees — erotic elements weaved throughout a dining experience — would be delivered.

After a round of drinks and passed appetizers — some delivered directly from the server’s fingers into your mouth — we were seated around a communal table, the group totaling 24 people.

Founder and chef Chris Hubbard introduced the night ahead of us, making the expectations clear. We would be subject to the sensual touches of the servers — light caressing, massaging, heavy breathing in the ear — and could be invited to touch them back, as long as nobody’s fingers went south of the belt.

I don’t want to give too many of the details away, as a lot of what makes this dinner so unique is in seeing just how far the servers will go, and the realization that you want them to go farther, even if you previously thought of yourself as someone who wouldn’t like that sort of thing. Suffice it to say that it was truly erotic intertwining delicious food with touching that gradually increased in intensity over the course of the dinner, as the amount of clothing decreased.

Think of it as one part formal French dinner, one part play party (even though there’s no sex), and one part curious couples. Everyone was decadently clothed, using this dinner as a rare opportunity (for San Francisco) to dress up.

One patron was there celebrating his birthday, and the special surprise he got was far more exciting than a complimentary sombrero. Let’s just say everyone was on boner watch.

Food-wise, everything was phenomenal. For obvious reasons, photos aren't allowed, so you'll have to use your imagination here. Starting with warm, balsamic-glazed strawberries was a great way to get the taste buds eager for more, and the sous vide flank steak was absolutely delicious. There were six courses in total, each of them more decadent than the last. Dessert was spoon-fed to me by a masked, shirtless man who then pressed my head into my fiancé’s for a chocolate make-out session, and by this point we were so warmed up that it was a decidedly hot experience.

As dinner ended, the guests agreed that it had been a one of a kind night. It felt freeing to be untethered by the bonds of social convention, especially in an elegant, upscale environment — this was no dingy sex dungeon. It was very erotic but accessible to people who may not be defined by living a kinky lifestyle, and a powerful experience for anyone who might be shy about exploring their sex-positivity.

My fiancé and I will hopefully be attending their upcoming Intermediate-level dinner, which is $300 each (including wine) and promises “more” of everything: food, decadence, eroticism, and sensuality. Word on the street is we’ll get to lick caviar off of someone’s nipples.

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