FoodieBytes: Finally, An Answer For Finicky Eaters, Snobs - December 4, 2007 - SF Weekly
SF Weekly

FoodieBytes: Finally, An Answer For Finicky Eaters, Snobs

Being the city of finicky eaters that San Francisco indisputably is — I'm talking to you vegetarians, vegans, locavores, food allergy sufferers and general snobs — new restaurant directory FoodieBytes could prove an essential time-saver for diners looking for that one particular dish they like so much.

In addition to breaking down their database by restaurant names, cuisine types, neighborhoods and the like, FoodieBytes has upped the ante with this minor stroke of genius: cataloging restaurant menus by dish name. So, say you're dying for mapo tofu or a nice vegetarian lasagna or an order of curry puffs. Done. Now, wasn't that easy?

My only beef with FoodieBytes is that of all the three dozen plus neighborhoods listed in San Francisco, they left out the all important Mission. Where's the hipster love, ya'll?

— Brian Bernbaum