Foodspotting, a Flickr-Meets-Foursquare Service for Foodies

Perhaps it's because we live in a city with a perpetual case of Peter Pan syndrome, or that we spend too much time on the Internet, with all its openness and a la carte app-happiness. But there's something that appeals to us about thinking of food as a free agent. New S.F.-based startup Foodspotting, a self-dubbed “visual guide that lets you find and share dishes,” lets us do just that.

The concept behind this Flickr-meets-Foursquare service is simple: Take a photo of the food you're enjoying (a “sighting”), tag it by dish type, and indicate where you found it. That way, other people can find it, too. It's not about the place or price; it's about the food. And since no one wants to see or eat bad food (a la Spud's awkward breakfast in Trainspotting), it's about good food.


Because Restaurants Don't Taste Like Anything


Say you wake up on a Saturday craving a breakfast sandwich. You don't want to spend your morning sifting through Yelp restaurant reviews; you don't wake up craving a restaurant. That would be silly. Restaurants don't taste like anything. You just want a simple, visual list of the best breakfast sandwiches near you. This is where Foodspotting fits in. You can find out that the most handsome sandwich you have ever seen exists right in that shady-looking doughnut shop downstairs. Or who knows, in your perusal you may chance on a photo of Heaven's Dog's pork buns  and scrap the whole sandwich idea (you'll never look back). 

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