Fresh Sugarcane Juice, the Final Frontier of Sucrose Addiction

If, like us, you've ever thought about mainlining sugar, Irving Cafe & Dessert is a place where you can get close to your goal for just under four bucks. Giant stalks of sugarcane get thrown into a megajuicer contraption that strips off the rough stuff. Drink it straight or get it blended with ice and fresh pineapple (pictured), mango, or tangerine for contrasting flavor. For the booze inclined, any of these combos would make for a marvelous pre-cocktail that begs for a hip flask.

Likely inspired by Hong Kong street-food and cafe offerings (it's popular in other countries, too), this is one of the few spots in San Francisco where you can buy freshly-pressed sugarcane juice (the only other one we know is the Vietnamese place Ha Tien Hut in Ingleside ― if you know of more, please let us know in the comments).

Irving Cafe & Dessert 1919 Irving (at 20th Ave.), 759-1081

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