Friday 11: Detox to Retox, ‘āina Launches Dinner

Plus Bergarac goes tiki, supermarkets are more nefarious than you thought, and those Ocean Beach coconut swastikas weren't the work of Neo-Nazis.

Deluxe tater tots at Wes Borger ‘N’ More (Peter Lawrence Kane)

Why Rain Smells Good

It’s not the water itself, according to Open Space Trust. It’s that raindrops push tiny air pockets into the soil, which rise to the surface carrying microscopic biological material. So soil effectively creates an aerosol layer that smells sweet when it’s healthy. Stay dry out there!

‘āina Starts Dinner Oct. 18

Chef Jordan Keao’s six-month-old Dogpatch Hawaiian restaurant ‘āina (900 22nd St.) will begin Tuesday-to-Friday dinner service as of Oct. 18. (In case it’s hard for you to get over there during business hours, you may not have had any wonderful Spam musubi yet.) ‘āina has a sizeable menu, too, with appetizers (pu-pus) like squid ink shrimp chips and spam bo, small plates (small kine) like charred octopus luau and lomi lomi arctic char, and bigger plates (kau kau) like Portuguese butter nut cassoulet. The low-ABV cocktail list, which is designed to pair with the food, includes a velvet papaya (byrrh, Cardamaro, papaya juice, lemon juice, egg white, and savory) and a cucumber swizzle. Well worth the wait, I’d say.

Detox to Retox at Brass Tacks

Are you interested in getting healthier and getting drunker at the same time? Consider Detox to Retox, wherein Hayes Valley cocktail bar Brass Tacks (488 Octavia) and Project Juice team up to create cocktails made with the latter’s detoxifying D-Tox blend and its activated charcoal blend, Black Magic. Win-win! It’s all going down on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 5-8 p.m.

Hakkasan Debuts “Only At” Menu

To celebrate the original location’s 15th anniversary, Hakkasan (1 Kearny), the upscale Chinese chain will launch a series of menus individually tailored to each of its 12 restaurants. The S.F. location’s “Only At” menu includes Maine lobster soup with enoki mushroom and whisky, a Sichuan-style lamb tenderloin, and a steamed California silver sea perch, along with cocktails like the Terracotta warrior (Mianzhu Daqu baijiu, Aperol, Luxardo Maraschino, elderflower, acid phosphate, grapefruit bitters).

Bergerac Throws a Tiki Takeover

Because it’s turning three, SoMa bar-and-restaurant Bergerac (316 11th St.) will throw a tiki takeover on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 6-10 p.m. Look for $3 drink specials (Fernet, Red Stripe), $33 large-format punch bowls and a DJ.

Ocean Beach Swastika Coconuts Not the Work of Neo-Nazis

Fun fact! The Sanskrit word swastika and the Greek word hygiene are etymologically identical, as traced back to their common proto-Indo-European root. (They both mean “good health.”) Another fun fact: Hoodline reports that the coconuts with red swastikas painted on them which washed ashore at Ocean Beach were not in fact the work of neo-Nazi mermaids. Instead, they were likely part of a ritual observance of the Hindu festival Ganesha Chaturthi last month. (We try to keep the news about swastikas positive around here.)

Soylent Nixes Bars and Its Arcade

Soylent was going to host an arcade by Embarcadero Station this afternoon, but that’s not happening. It might have something to do with the fact that the bars — called Bar — they’ve been promoting heavily have sickened several people, and now the company is yanking them from the market and offering a full refund. (Also, the company has acknowledged that Coffiest doesn’t contain the promised nutrient levels.) You should probably just feast on actual human flesh instead; it’s sustainable and definitely seasonal.

Munchery Is In Deep Doo-Doo

SpoonRocket is gone, Blue Apron‘s kitchen is a hellscape, Square wants to disgorge Caviar, and now Bloomberg reports that Munchery is a struggling operation that can’t raise the money it needs, and CEO Tri Tran might be dumped overboard.

Supermarkets Basically Work on Payola

Quartz reports that analysis by the Center for Science in the Public Interest sheds light on “the mysterious methods used by supermarket chains to make billions of dollars off the world’s largest food companies, and called on the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and state attorneys general to launch antitrust investigations.” Like radio stations in the last century getting, supermarkets effectively extort food companies to let their products stay on the shelves in prominent positions. Since only giant corporations like Unilever and Coca-Cola can afford these fees, it effectively means smaller food companies can’t get their foot in the door.

The Ghirardelli Mansion Sells for $4.65 Million

Built for the Ghirardelli family 100 years ago, Socketsite reports that this stately home at 636 Highland Ave. in Piedmont sold for almost half a million under the original list price. Having gone down the rabbit hole of this brilliant takedown of McMansions some weeks ago, I can say that this one has tasteful proportions. Even the ivy is a perfect H shape.

Apparently, Bottle Flipping Is a Huge Thing With Kids Right Now

And The New York Times says its driving parents nuts. A YouTube video in May of a guy at a high school talent show tossing water bottles and getting them to land on their end has caused bottle flipping to sweep the nation. Chillax, parents, and look to the ebbing of Pokemon Go as proof that this, too, shall pass. The article has a great kicker, though, as one parent calls the obsession “Better than going in the street terrorizing people dressed as a clown.”

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