Get Ready to Ramen in San Jose This Weekend

Tour the world of ramen over the next two weekends at the San Jose Convention Center, which will host the international Ramen Yokocho festival. Bowls will be available from a dozen ramen restaurants around the world, showcasing styles from tonkotso black, miso tonkotsu, shoyu, beef, burger ramen (not to be confused with a ramen burger), and many more.

[jump] This coming weekend (Oct. 3-5) will feature a lineup that includes Japanese ramen shops Tatsunoya and Kohmen alongside representatives from L.A. (Tsujita, Jinya) and even S.F. (Men Oh). The second weekend (Oct. 10-12) will have a slightly different roster, including San Jose favorite Ramen Sea. The full list is on the Ramen Yokocho website.

Admission is $5 (kids under 12 are free) and all bowls of ramen are $8. The bigger the group you can rustle up, the better off you'll be — especially if you're the type that can't manage to finish a bowl of the stuff in one sitting.

The event will be open Friday 4-9 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday 11 a.m.-9 p.m., and though we can't promise anything except long times, we fail to see how it could be anything but a delicious experience.

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