Ginji Izakaya Coming to San Mateo's J-Food Zone

The site's a former flooring store in the heart of the Peninsula's Japanese-cuisine ghetto.

There's no end in sight for San Mateo's glut of J-food ― not that we're complaining. The Peninsula city is about to get yet another izakaya restaurant, this one named Ginji, presumably after chef-owner Ginjiro Nishimoto. The site is a corner storefront vacated by a carpet and flooring store, not too far from Ramen Dojo. In addition to Japanese small plates, the menu will include yakitori (grilled skewers) and sushi.

Judging from the daily wait times at nearby Sushi Sam's Edomata (a local favorite for sushi), San Mateo residents seem to have an obsession with Japanese cuisine.

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