Go VIP with Limited, Handmade Ramen at Namu

Go behind the velvet rope.

Sitting down for dinner at Namu in the Richmond District last night, we remembered how much our friend Meredith Brody loved the burger. It's an unlikely item for an Asian restaurant to sport, but we ordered it to share with another friend and were glad to have taken her advice. But we were still there for something more traditional, and as we both scanned the menu independently, our imaginations were collectively captured by “handmade ramen noodles, pork miso broth, katsu, deep fried egg, daily green vegetable, bean sprouts, kimchee (6 orders available daily).”

At $16, it's certainly not the cheapest bowl in the city, but it might be the most exclusive, and that was admittedly part of the allure that hooked us two former disco dollies. VIP ramen!

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