Hapa Ramen Previews Its Noodles on May 8

At this point, bands deliberately leak songs before their albums drop. If they don't themselves, someone else will, usually posting files of inferior quality. Sneaky food bloggers can't quite do the same, prematurely scattering morsels of a new restaurant's offerings across the Web. Could get messy (even if breaking into a chef's test kitchen weren't required). Still, some upcoming operations go out of the way to give a hungry public previews.

Take, for example, Hapa Ramen, the noodle-and-stock endeavor of Richie Nakano and Kitty Gallisa, respectively sous-chef and bartender at Nopa. Slated to open by mid-June on Thursdays in a stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Hapa Ramen is giving its wares a formal test-drive at Potrero Hill's Coffee Bar (1890 Bryant at Mariposa) on Sat., May 8 from 6-9 p.m. A February post ran down Beer & Nosh's photo essay on a previous Hapa Ramen tasting, and reported, “Nakano's test bowls were packed with braised greens, crispy pork, fried chicken nuggets, eggs cooked sous vide, and pork shoulder.” We can't wait to download that.

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