Hot Food for Cold Nights: Ken Ken Ramen's Delightful Vegan Ramen

Ramen has come up on the culinary scene more and more lately, and worldly food-loving San Franciscans couldn't be more happy about it. Don't believe me? Check out expert ramen aficionado Luis Chong's Ramen Week right here on SFoodie. We're cultured and we're starving, OK? Give us the damn ramen.

Everyone is so stoked about the plethora of restaurants/pop-ups/food trucks/back yards/basements/dumpsters/etc to get all sorts of different types of ramen — everyone, that is, except us vegetarians and vegans. Luckily, lots of ramen eateries are starting to bring it with the veg selections, finding that even the most die-hard meat-mouths often don't want to consume a whole piglet with their noodles. One of the places doing it best is Ken Ken Ramen.

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