UPDATED: Is S.F. Finally Getting a Shake Shack?

Socketsite seems to think so, claiming that a site at Fillmore and Filbert will be Danny Meyer's first S.F. beachhead.

Shake Shack is known for frozen custards and other treats. (Shake Shack)

Update: 2:55 p.m.: Shake Shack keeps mum on the possible Marina location but confirms via press release that it is moving into Northern California, starting with the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, this fall.

Real-estate blog Socketsite reported that a tipster wrote to them saying that the former Real Company on the southeast corner of Fillmore and Filbert streets will become the first Northern California location of Danny Meyer‘s pioneering upscale burger chain, Shake Shack. It’s one of the regional mini-chains that, along with the odd documentary or two, started pushing Americans to demand better-quality beef, without hormones or antibiotics. Meyer was also the founder of the much-loved Eleven Madison Park, and made news a few years ago during the no-tipping boomlet when he and some other high-profile folks got sued by their employees.

Curiously, there’s supposed to be a fitness studio in the almost 12,000-square-foot building at 3060 Fillmore as well. That almost sounds like the whole thing is a joke, but then again, it makes sense that the Bay Area would get a Shake Shack sooner or later. Having begun early in this century in New York’s Madison Square Park and grown to 136 locations worldwide, it’s spread as far as China and Arizona only to encounter some expansion-related growing pains, which might account for the delay in reaching us. It’s not that In-N-Out is a powerful deflector shield, either: There are Shake Shacks in L.A., San Diego, and Vegas.

Further evidence is the location. Whatever reputation Cow Hollow and the Marina have for being home to juice bars and little salads, there are a lot of burger places up around there: a Causwell’s, an Umami Burger, two locations of Roam, as well as the burger-centric Dorian. And of course, there’s a Super Duper, which many burger fans have noted is quite similar to Shake Shack

Formal plans will be announced next week. Hopefully we get in on that new chicken sandwich action if Shake Shack does open up here.


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