Kings of Commenting: The Best/Worst in SF Comments

Kings of Commenting: The Best/Worst in SFWeekly Comments This Week

God, this job would be so great it weren't for you douchenob readers. We do our best to ignore you and your clown lives, but every now and then, one of your comments is so inane and misspelled that it crosses some line and we love it. Not you. We still hate you, but we love how stupid you are; like Islam.

This is Kings of Commenting, I'm your scourge, Web Editor David Downs

We quoted a stripper who said the Hustlers Club Toy Drive was crass.

A (different) Stripper says,

This reporter must have gone out of his way to find the dumbest girl in the entire club to talk to. I am also a stripper at the Hustler Club, and proud to support the SFFFU (love your acronym!) and shake my ass at the same time. We are not all money-grubbing “busty, slutty” Amy Winehouses, angry at underprivileged children for tapping into our holiday shopping funds–nor are we all on our way down a long slide to juice joints and drug addictions. We're largely decent girls who have fun doing what we do.

Hey, at least we actually found the dumbest girl in the strip club. It's harder than you think.

We covered Nude Aid and lamented all the dongs.

Lady Monster says,

Thanks Nathan for the review, and for attending Nude Aid. See you next year! P.S. You should have gone upstairs for your pussy peeking pleasures.

That's funny, because usually we satisfy our pussy-seeking pleasures “downstairs,” unless we date someone with a vagina-face, which would be awesome.

We said some shit about exploding fruit.

Melanie Smith says,

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