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Dear reader community, similar to the Onion, this publication is a one-way conduit for information, we appreciate your lack of daily input.

However, we occasionally amuse ourselves with your reactions when they penetrate our calloused, evil media hearts.

Here's our faves of the week.

—David Downs

We say, slacker guys and striver girls shouldn't date, or something:

billy says,

Well if this the best story EVER in the SF weekly then it just goes to show the sad state of journalism in this City. Fluff, fluff, and more fluff, hipster nonsense. It reads like some yuppie chicks Teen People mag and it is just as important and relevant.

but E Taylor says,

I really enjoyed this article. I used to depend too much on my girlfriend, and I didn't see how it was hurting her. Now I work a lot harder to be supportive on all levels. Thanks for bringing the issue to the surface.

We say, the moped gangs of SF are angry and silly!

john doe says,

You are a total hack. Fuck you and your paper.

while Chris P. Bacon says,

You're scum. SF Weekly is scum. Not only is this REALLY OLD news (as in your a year too late!), but your throwing peoples names into a paper where anyone can read it when they clearly said they didn't want to be featured in your stupid little article.


Whereas Lucy the Daughter of the Devil says,

#1: The SF Weekly is a locally owned/run paper that often prints stories that the corporate rags don't or won't.

#2: This is a FREE paper. If you don't like it, don't pick it up or surf to it (no brainer)

#3: The words 'Moped' & 'gangs' should NEVER, I repeat, N-E-V-E-R be used together (unless it's a joke)

#4: Men/boys don't look cool on a moped in the US -EVER

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