La Taqueria is Best Burrito in America, According to FiveThirtyEight

Home of the best burrito in America

A San Francisco burrito won FiveThirtyEight's exhaustive search to find the best burrito in America — duh. What is surprising to many Mission burrito aficionados is the place that won. Not Taqueria Cancun, not El Farolito, not any of the other contenders, but La Taqueria, a spot most famous for its tacos.

[jump] It seems that SFoodie's recent post on La Taqueria's “secret menu” (aka, that you can order your burrito “dorados,” thrown on the griddle) may have helped sway things in San Francisco's favor. Burrito correspondent Anna Maria Barry-Jester likes a griddled burrito, and brought Nate Silver to the taqueria in the final bracket where they each ordered two burritos — one dorados, and one not. “I watched Nate take his first bite, and I swear he achieved nirvana before my eyes,” she writes. “'I don’t want to bias you,' [Nate] said, 'but this is really, really good,' pointing to two baskets left with nothing but foil and wax paper.”

Barry-Jester also told Inside Scoop that she'd eaten 15 La Taqueria burritos over the past few months in her search for the winner, which shows a dedication to the task that we find quite admirable. 

So there you have it: irrefutable proof that San Francisco has the best burritos when people from L.A. and San Diego start giving you trouble.

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