La Taquería’s Carnitas Burrito Is the Best in the U.S.

Again? So says The Daily Meal, which ranked the Top 50 nationwide. Taquería Guadalajara's carnitas super burrito was No. 9.

La Taqueria (Flickr/shellypascual)

In what had to be the greatest journalistic assignment ever undertaken, The Daily Meal unveiled its Top 50 burritos in the United States today. Naturally — no reason for false modesty, right — La Taquería took first place. Specifically, its carnitas burrito won for being both “crispy and moist.” Rice-lessness is next godliness.

Down the list, the No. 2 spot went to the green chili burrito Santa Fe, N.M., classic The Shed, while No. 3 was the chile relleno burrito at L.A.’s La Azteca Tortillería.

Five other S.F. burritos that got a nod in the top 5, including the carnitas super burrito at Taqueria Guadalajara in the Excelsior (No. 9), the al pastor burrito at Taquería El Castillito on Church St. (No. 16). The Mission saw heavy representation, too: the carnitas burrito at Taquería Cancún (No. 18) the carne asada burrito at El Farolito (No. 20), and the al pastor burrito at Taquería San Francisco (No. 31) round out the list. 

It’s by no means the first time La Taquería got praise at this level; the James Beard Foundation recognized it as an American classic in 2017, and FiveThirtyEight said it was the best in the country in 2014. Hopefully, the owners of will find a way to convert this positive attention into better treatment for their workers. As the Chronicle‘s Jon Kauffman reported in early July, the beloved Mission institution paid out about $600,000 in back wages, fines, and other forms of restitution. And Daily Meal‘s no. 40 spot went to a Colorado-Arizona mini chain called “Illegal Pete’s.” Speaking Pete to Pete for a sec, that’s not a good name and you should probably change that.

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