Local Flavor: Fried Green Tomatoes at Cajun Pacific

A recipient of Best Weekend Restaurant in SF Weekly's annual Best Of issue, Cajun Pacific (4542 Irving at 47th Ave.) is a sweet little taste of Louisiana in the decidedly non-N'Ahhlins avenues of the Sunset.

While the menu changes from week to week, the fried green tomatoes with remoulade ($8/$12 with grilled shrimp) is likely to star throughout the summer while tomatoes are around; the ever-lovely host Stacey is hand-picking them herself for maximum flavor. The appetizer joins other CP staples like gumbo, Creole crawfish and pasta, and po' boys as well as playful one-off ideas. 

The restaurant will be open most Thursdays through Sundays through the summer, but will be closed on the weekend of July 30. Reservations aren't required for this teeny tiny place, but they're an awfully good idea unless you want your flaggin' fanny to wait in whipping wind.

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