Meals Under $8: (Many of) Kiki's Lunch Specials

The cheerful, anime-decorated

Kiki Japanese Restaurant (1269 9th Ave.) has a number of lunch specials under $8, including bento boxes, mixed sushi platters, and a choose-your-own, two-item combo where you just add the cost of each item and it all comes on a platter with rice and salad. My selection of California roll ($3.19) and beef teriyaki ($4.59) arrived in a hearty quantity, with everything tasting fresh and good — even the roll, which is made with imitation crab. The beef is a grilled rib-eye steak with a not overly sweet sauce. Other selections available in the combi include salmon and chicken teriyaki, fried gyoza, pork and chicken katsu (breaded cutlets), tuna and salmon sashimi, and spicy tuna roll.

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