Meat and Greet: The Local Butcher Shop

By Katie Fleeman

Many conversations in the foodie world involve the V word: vegetarianism. It comes with a number of arguments: it's more sustainable, it's healthier, and how could you possibly eat another living thing?

The folks over at the Local Butcher Shop would like to challenge that stereotype.

A new addition to North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, The Local Butcher Shop is the brainchild of Monica and Aaron Rocchino, two vets of the food industry (Aaron was recently a chef at Chez Panisse). Monica, a chatty woman with blonde ringlets, mans the business end of things while her husband, in his pinstripe apron, handles the butchering. They opened The Local Butcher Shop on the ideals of the Slow Food Movement: supporting local farmers, building community, and maintaining environmentally responsible practices. And they think meat fits in perfectly well with these principles.

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