More Coffee Options to Come to CUESA Markets

Howling Wolf

For the last few weeks, caffeine junkies have been fighting long coffee lines at CUESA’s popular Saturday Farmers Market. The departure of Blue Bottle’s two outside stalls has left a void, leaving only the single Sightglass Coffee cart to feed the herds of zombie-like morning market visitors. However, all that will be changing this week. Huzzah!

[jump] Starting this Saturday, July 4, Oakland’s Highwire Coffee will offer additional caffeinated relief, like a coffee version of Randy Quaid in “Independence Day,” and they are not messing around.

Highwire’s farmers market manager, Brigid Scruggs, says, “in addition to espresso based beverages, coffee and hot chocolates, […] we'll also be offering a selection of our own teas (a black, a green, an herbal, and an iced tea blend of organic black teas).” They will also offer a fermented and carbonated kombucha poured through a CO2 tap.

Additionally, Highwire will be bringing a market coffee game changer – Howling Wolf, their nitrogen cold-brew coffee, a creamy and naturally sweet preparation that is poured out of a tap with the appearance of a stout beer. If you are only going to get one cup of coffee on warm day, make it this one. The Highwire stall will be located outside, at the rear of the Ferry Building near Mijita, also known as the former spot of the Sightglass cart. Their full menu is as follows:

Espresso: $3
Macchiato: $3.25
Cappuccino: $3.75
Latte: $4.25
Mocha: $5.00
Hot Chocolate: $4.5
Quick Cup of Conscientious Objector: $3
Featured Single Origin Pour Over: $4
Tea: $3.50
Tipu Chai: $4.5

On Tap:
Zeal Kombucha (12 oz): $4
Howling Wolf (12 oz): $4

Starting July 9, Four Barrel Coffee will be the coffee provider of choice for the Thursday market. Per Nicholas Koch, Four Barrel’s retail manager, the stall will provide a similar menu as found in the company’s cafes, including coffee, iced coffee, espressos (regular and decaf), americanos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas. The only exception will be that they'll eschew slower pour-overs for Fetco batch-brewed coffee for efficiency.

The week's CUESA Farmers Market coffee schedule is below:

Saturdays starting July 4
Sightglass: front plaza
Highwire: back plaza

Sightglass: front plaza

Thursdays starting July 9
Four Barrel: front plaza

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