Napa Wine Tour Operator Unmaksed As Highway 101 Bandit

It's a shocking and bizarre, but mostly sad story: Art Cheney, a well-known Napa wine country tour guide was revealed by the FBI to be “The Highway 101 Bandit,” accused of robbing at least 17 banks in California and Utah since July. In an odd detail, the cop who pull him over reported finding a kind of robbery to-do list:

“[CHP Officer] Barnett said he found an index card in the center console of the Mercedes coupe. “Robbery,” it said. “50s and 100s only.”

That covers shocking and bizarre. Here comes the sad part: According to his son, Cheney may have launched his latest crime spree hoping to be caught and go back to prison (he'd served time in the early 1990s for bank robbery), so he could get treatment for his diabetes. Like so many of us these days, Cheney didn't have health insurance.

(via SF Gate)

— Brian Bernbaum

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